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Mar. 29th, 2009


Makeup Stash!: Makeup Cupcakes

Makeup Cupcakes

Mar. 25th, 2009


Makeup Stash!: Lee Min Ho for Etude House

Lee Min Ho for Etude House


Inside the Watsons Mystery Bags...

Mar. 24th, 2009


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Jul. 16th, 2008


More Fab Finds!

The Beautyblender was the fab find of 2007. I'm thrilled to have discovered more this year:

This microfibre cloth is perfect for cleaning makeup brushes between uses. It washes out well too.

This waterbrush is the perfect no-drip, no-mess solution for foiling and wetting pigments/shadows.

I have a few but am still looking for the Pentel Aquash ones.

I love it when tools and accessories meant for other purposes can be utilised in the makeup world; more so, when they work wonderfully!

In-depth reviews to come later. :)

Special thanks to emakemeup viners for these fab finds ;)

May. 8th, 2008


(no subject)

Remember this?

Now there's this!

$19.95 vs $6.99 - I wonder if the latter performs as well!

Mar. 24th, 2008


Happy Hong Kong Haul!

With the USD down and good rates on Adambeauty and Strawberrynet, I couldn't help but click on and !

This is the first time I've ordered from either and I had a good purchase experience. Shipping was moderately fast. I thought it could've been faster, considering HK is so near SG but I concede that they must be doing up orders. Surely there are many more people like me who order from them? :P Everything arrived well packed and in tip top condition.

What's inside?

Lovelies, of course!

Funnily enough, I ordered a lot of Shiseido. It was unintentional for the tools - I was innocently browsing Adambeauty when I saw the tweezers and the mini curler. I did a bit of research on a Japanese review site and found somewhat good reviews, so I ordered them.

The green Integrate pencil was something that I'd wanted in the past but had forgotten about. When I read this blog, I was sold. I think some of you would understand; just look at that beautiful shade and the waterproof quality!

The white T'estimo shadow is a backup. I don't normally buy backups of such shades but I use this all the time! This e/s is sheer without being useless and blends out colour beautifully, imparting pretty glimmer. Considering that T'estimo has been discontinued and the fact that Adambeauty has it for a great price, I couldn't resist.

The Stila was a freebie from Strawberrynet...on top of the 5% off on 3 items (or more) and a great price on the Shiseido Hydro Powder shadows. These go for S$39 (appalling!) at the counters but I only paid slightly under $30 for each one in this online order! Factor in the lipliner and it's a more amazing deal!

I LOVE the shades, texture and colour payoff of these cream shadows, not to mention their waterproof quality. I'm really chuffed that I now own them and I cannot wait to use them!

Together with the green one that a good friend gave me from her beauty ed friend (*waves*), I now own four very pretty colours:

Mar. 19th, 2008


Pots and Pans!

I first posted this on EMMU but I figure I should post this on my journal, just to keep track of my progress!

I had the EMMU Use It Up Challenge in mind when I took these photos of the items in my stash that are showing pan. I have a long way to go in using up my entire stash but I like to believe that I'm getting somewhere! ;) I've Back 2 MACed more times than I can count, so I suppose I must be doing all right? so she comforts herself ;)

I took photos of eyeshadows (including pans in palettes) and face products. I forgot to include lipstick/balm in pots though.

Urban Decay Polyester Bride - this is in the gorgeous Nymph to Glam Face Case.

I Nuovi Iridia - My all time favourite, no-fail green e/s!

I Nuovi 2000 - A bright yellow green that blends beautifully with Iridia

Stila Lempicka (now known as Lemon)

MAC Concrete - This is in the rare Brows Quad that MAC put out a few years back.

MAC Swish, Orthodox, Romp and Retrospeck - These are depots; I wanted the cases for a B2M lippy (I let my mil choose the lippy in the end and she went for House Wine). Swish was in one of the first batches of MAC e/s I bought. Orthodox - I cannot for the life of me understand how this is seeing so much pan, considering I don't remember using it much. It must be that sort of neutral shade that fades into the background while being functional! Retrospeck (this is my second one!) had pan but I dropped it so I pressed it back somewhat intact. :)

Canmake Tea Rose Cheek & Highlight, MAC Hyper Real Pressed Powder (my second), MAC Maidenchant Blush Creme and MAC Cream Colour Base in Fuchsia Perfect (my second).

MAC e/s pots

Assorted non-MAC e/s

Mar. 5th, 2008



Don't these look like powdered jewels?

What can they be? Why, they're Lise Watier pigments, of course!

Top: Folie Violette, Folie Pomme
Bottom: Folie D'Eau, Folie Dor Blanc

I love how gem-like these look but what makes these piggies even more special is that they each came from a different friend from emakemeup over the years. These friends blessed me with a gem each but really, their friendship is the true jewel!

MAC Beauty Powder Blush

I saw this today at the MAC standalone store which isn't my usual counter (it's only been launched at two places so far) so I didn't buy any but I can tell you I'm getting at least one because these are so finely jet-milled! I was sceptical at first - how often do we read about finely milled, smooth blushes and such? However, these are truly SILKY and glide on the skin beautifully.

I swatched only four as the boys were with me.

Sweetness is the sweet, cool-toned clean pink that MAC does so well. It's clearer than Well Dressed and more vibrant, without being loud.

True Romantic is a muted pink with mauve overtones and can seem a tad mature. I'm wondering if I should get this as I have many clean pinks in my collection but the mature bit is making me think twice.

Shy Beauty is a very soft pinked apricot that seems to go on quite sheerly but enough to give a light flush. It is a muted shade that can be a staple in a makeup bag, especially for people who love neutrals.

Joyous reminds me of Hipness and Fleur Power, having a coral, peachy pink cast to it. It can pull orange though.

All are really smooth. Shy Beauty isn't as pigmented as the rest...which could work to its advantage. I read that it was snapped up really quickly and that there were only 5 pieces left at the counter! I believe its sheerness and soft colour account for its popularity, not to mention its wear-with-anything shade.

Photos from Specktra

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